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Yes, your inner chimp might ruin your life from time to time, but wouldn’t it be pretty damn boring without him?

The featured image

As a featured image is desired for this wp theme post to look nice, I had to think of a somewhat fitting image. After some consideration, I found this image (a 3D self-portrait render) to be the best match. Unfortunately the image resolution is a little lacking, but there is an explanation.
My special interest in 3D design started well over 15 years ago, but this specific image must be about 10 years old (2007/2008).
I still remember seeing this badass, super rad designer toy by Coarse toys in a small Vans store in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A beautifully sculpted and highly stylized figure called “Pain” with Old Skool Vans and matching skateboard (btw.. I should’ve bought the piece back than.. but I guess my chimp wasn’t around at the time).  Since I was already looking for a new personal training project, I figured I could model me myself and I, “Course style!”.

So what’s the story behind the crappy image quality?
The figure being named Pain is somewhat ironic, as thinking about the project still is a little painful. I somehow managed to keep the final project files sitting duck in one place (nice mechanical WD Raptor 10,000 RPM hard drive). As you can guess, these files are never to be seen again* due to a failing hard drive and lost among a few other (experimental) projects. I’m pretty sure that some high resolution renders are floating around somewhere..
*I’ve always kept the drive for data recovery, but since data recovery is costly, it’s not realistic as there is no commercial value.

There you go, blog post numero uno.

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